Jamie (dubhlainn) wrote,

Basic Outline for a Secular Neopagan Ritual

Just an idea been bouncing around in my head. I did some research and couldn't find much so I wrote some of my own ideas tonight. ADF members will see a lot they recognize.

1. Initiating the rite
music signal, bells, group meditation etc.

2. Statement of purpose

3. Preparation
purification, meditation, or other means to prepare participant(s)

4. Creating Ritual Space
by any means appropriate to participant(s).

5. The call
Restatement of the purpose of the rite
Affirmation of participant(s) right

6. Silence
contemplate on the call, reason for ritual, need etc.

7. Seasonal/Event Specific Customs

8. Prayer
finalizing the “sending” portion of the rite

9. Omen
by any means appropriate to the participant(s)

10. Blessing

11. Working
most secular rites should include some working, may be as complicated or as simple as the participant(s) and need require

12. Affirmation

13. Opening Ritual Space

14. Closing
Tags: secular neopaganism
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