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Jamie's Journal

Would You Know More, or What?

13 March 1974
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Hello! Welcome to my journal!

My legal name is James, called Jamie by many, and recently also by the name Dubhlainn as a magical/ritual name. It is Irish and pronounced Dove-linn it is a proper name, meaning people are actually named this I didn't construct it on my own, and the base words mean Black (dubh) and Sword (lan). Blacksword.. I like that.. that's cool. If you would like to hear acclaimed Irish Auther Frank McCourt say my chosen name and explain the meaning go to this page http://www.babynamesofireland.com/pages/boy-names-d-f.html find Dubhlainn and click listen.

so yah, about me... Well I am from North East Ohio. I grew up in the Hartville/Uniontown area and graduated from Lake High School way back when in 1992. I now live in Akron Ohio with my partner Rich and his mother. Yup I am a big ol' Mo (as in Homo, I'm gay).

I am a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) which is an organization dedicated to Druidic Neopaganism. It has a broader scope that Celtic, although Celtic is by far the most popular of persuasions, it focuses on all cultures with the Indo-Eurpoean framwork (Vedic, Iranian, Germanic, Celtic, Slavic etc.). Although I myself follow a primarily Gaelic (Irish and Scottish) hearth culture.

I am one of the Co-Grove Organizers of Silver Falls Protogrove, ADF, a local "congregation" of ADF Druidry in the Akron, Ohio area. We are a fairly newly formed, yet highly functioning, group. Very diverse in religious expression and interest and yet bonded in our growing friendship and desire to bring a quality expression of Neopagan Druidry to our area. Follow this link to get to know us better: http://silverfallsgrove.org.

My most recent adventure is exploring the Ekklesia Antinoou, an orgainization dedicated to scholarly research and creative exploration of Antinous. The young lover of the Roman Emporer Hardrian who, after drowning in the Nile River, was raised to God-hood and whose cult became very widespread throughout Egypt, Rome, and Greece. We understand him today as God of hunting, art, wine flowers (especially red flowers, and most especially the red Nile lotus), boats, sea travel, becoming one's full self, and astrology. Most of the traditional forms on Antinous worship was syncretic in nature. He was associated with Osiris, Dionysis, Hermes, and Eros (just to name a few). Most modern practitioners understand Antinous as a God of homo-eroticism and male-to-male love.

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